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CIPS & Kaplan Partnership

Raising professional standards together

Collaboration is a key element of CIPS’ commitment to drive transformational change in the procurement profession. By promoting best practices, CIPS inspires supply chain partners worldwide to work together to raise ethical standards and propel sustainable innovation.

Working together with Kaplan to develop smart study options for aspiring procurement and supply professionals drives positive change from the ground up, and you instantly benefit with efficient learning and easy access to the next step on your career ladder.

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Change begins with leading-edge education

CIPS has partnered with award-winning training provider Kaplan to deliver its internationally-recognised qualifications in a powerful, innovative new learning format that allows for flexible, on-the-go study with the structure of a tutor-led course, making it easier than ever to follow the qualification pathway to Chartered Status and professional success.

CIPS OnDemand – a new way of learning

Each exclusive online course has been carefully designed by Kaplan’s award-winning content creators to help develop and test your knowledge and understanding, so you feel confident and fully prepared for your exam.

Populated by high-quality content co-created by CIPS subject experts, each interactive study module is built around the qualification learning outcomes, ensuring your learning is tailored precisely to the syllabus and equipping you with the knowledge and exam preparation you need to succeed.

Learn more about why CIPS OnDemand is the perfect study method for professionals worldwide.

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High-quality content you can trust

CIPS’ qualifications represent the gold standard for excellence in procurement and supply worldwide. Built around its Global Standard, the benchmark for professional standards across all sectors, the five qualification levels equip you with the key competences to excel in your career.

CIPS OnDemand courses are structured around content co-created by CIPS’ subject experts - fully aligned with the Global Standard and tailored precisely to syllabus learning outcomes.

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Why Kaplan?

Leaders in online training

Kaplan’s pioneering approach to online learning consistently exceeds industry standards to offer creative, innovative study solutions that adapt to changing student needs and serve its core purpose: making a difference to every individual and inspiring them to succeed.

User-centred course design

With user experience at the heart of its design process, Kaplan’s skilled team of content creators build interactive learning experiences that flow seamlessly across topics, keeping students motivated, offering response support and securing knowledge with progress checks along the way.


Kaplan’s accolades for high-quality online training include the Learning Technology 2019 Gold Award for the ‘Best online distance learning programme’ for its OnDemand study method, PQ Magazine’s ‘Online College of the Year’ and the highest accreditation as a training provider with the leading Accountancy and Tax Institutes, securing its status as a leading provider of professional training.

Outstanding pass rates

Outstanding pass rates that exceed global averages evidence the high calibre of Kaplan’s user-focused training courses, along with its support of over 40,000 aspiring accountancy and tax professionals each year. In collaboration with CIPS, each CIPS OnDemand course is designed to maximise the success of procurement professionals worldwide.

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Our partnership with Kaplan is more than just working together. We share the vision of what excellence and innovation should look like in education. Using our joint expertise, together we have created a guided, online learning programme that will empower our global learning community with more choices and opportunities to pursue our qualifications, ultimately to achieve their professional goals.

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